Spring has sprung and vacation season is right around the corner. If you own a vacation rental, it’s time to freshen up and keep on top of your property. This task can be a difficult one with a revolving door of renters for the season. 

Cleaning living rooms and keeping them clean can be difficult. For a rental homeowner, you want to know that that living room is inviting enough for your renters to want to come back. How do you make sure that every family who rents from you feels like they’re at home? 

It’s time to develop a living room cleaning routine. We’re here to tell you the secrets of how to make your guests feel at home. Let’s go over some living room cleaning secrets and tips. 

1. Always Wash Down Glass

One of the places that can diminish the cleanliness of your rental is the glass. Glass often collects fingerprints that you can’t see in most lights. This is the reason it is always important to wipe down any glass areas. 

You ensure that your guests are getting the very best clean by cleaning the glass. There will be no foreign fingerprints that can’t be traced. Instead, each renter gets a fresh clean within their rentals. 

2. Natural Light Goes a Long Way

Always try to clean in natural light. When it comes to lamps, you won’t find an even clean. Natural light allows you to see any dust and grime hiding in the corners of the room. 

Natural light can be used in the daylight by opening up and airing out your space. Open all blinds and windows when you clean the space. You will easily see what you’ve missed when you do this. 

Opening the windows also helps you to get some fresh air into the rental space, too. Outdoor air neutralizes any musty scents that may build up in the home while it isn’t in use. 

3. Flip All Removable Cushions 

Believe it or not, one of the areas most people forget to clean in their rentals is behind the cushions. With the furniture being used so frequently, your cushions are one area that needs to be maintained. Make taking off the cushions one of your priorities. 

Going over this area with a vacuum is one of the easiest ways to remove any buildup that may have been stuffed here. You may even find loose change and bills that have fallen out of your renter’s pockets and have been left behind.

Behind the cushions could also be where the strange smell that’s been lingering in your rental is coming from. These small areas tend to gather leftover food and random odds and ends. 

4. Get Under the Furniture 

Sweeping under the furniture is one thing; moving the furniture out of the way and cleaning all areas underneath it is another. This helps you to get everything that has been left behind by another family. It also assures that the rental is clean and ready for the next set of memories to come in and be made. 

Give your next renters the chance to have the same fresh and clean home. Move all of the furniture in the room and clean behind and underneath it. 

This is also a great way to assure that no missing objects have been left behind. 

5. Put Away Anything That Would Be Clutter

Declutter your rental! Make sure that the bare minimum is in the apartment so that the rental isn’t acquiring too much clutter. This will cut down on your cleaning process and make it easier to straighten out. Vacationers don’t need a ton of objects in your rental home. 

These places are just a small getaway that your guests can sleep in and leave their things in while they forge their adventures. Try to keep the objects in your rental to a minimum to keep the rental as clean as possible. 

By reducing clutter, you’re able to have an easier time organizing living rooms.

6. Be Careful With Harsh Cleaners

Cleaning supplies are something you may want to be careful of. Be sure to read the labels to be sure you aren’t using any harsh and inappropriate chemicals inside of the home. House cleaning supplies can be dangerous for those who may be allergic. 

When possible, opt for cleaners that have scent-free options. This will create a safe environment for anyone who may be allergic to those harsh cleaners that are typically used. 

7. Go Over the Floor Once More

Make cleaning the floor one of the very last things you do in your home. This gives you the chance to pick up anything that you may have knocked onto the floor during the rest of your cleaning process and while dusting living rooms. Always go over the floor with a clean mop before you lock it up for the next guests. 

Your floor is one of the dirtiest places for a rental. This is the reason that it requires the most attention. You may need to go over the floor a couple of times before the water from the mop comes out clean enough to walk away from. 

Cleaning Living Rooms Is Never an Easy Job

Your rental sees people in and out of it through the busy season. These tips for cleaning living rooms should help you to keep everything ready for the next family to come in. During the busy rental season, a clean rental is a great one. 

If you’re looking for more help with keeping your space in tip-top shape, we excel at that! Contact us to have that home cleaned and ready to go before the next family that comes to stay. We’re here to help you make those vacation rentals the perfect place for memories.