More dust mites live in your bedroom than anywhere else in your home. And since even the cleanest of homes still have dust mites, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get rid of them completely. Fortunately, dust mites can be easily managed with a proper mattress cleaning routine. 

Mattress cleaning is often overlooked as people plan out their monthly cleaning chores. It can feel like a huge hassle to clean a mattress, but the reduced allergies are worth the extra effort. 

If you’re cleaning your mattress for the first time or looking for tips on cleaning it more effectively, read on! 

1. How to Prevent Allergies 

To reduce the effect of dust mite allergies, you want to clean your mattress at least twice a year. If you or your loved ones have severe allergies, it’s worth cleaning it more frequently. 

To clean a mattress, start by vacuuming the surface thoroughly. Make sure to flip the mattress and vacuum the underside as well. Air the mattress out and place it next to an open window or door. If you can find a spot that gets direct sunlight, all the better! UV rays from the sun help to kill mold and bacteria. 

Wash your sheets and mattress protectors at high temperatures (around 130 Fahrenheit) to kill off most dust mites. You can also use a dehumidifier in your bedroom to keep dust mites at bay and make use of these tips for dust removal

2. How to Remove Stains From Your Mattress 

Clean bodily fluid stains (such as blood, sweat, or urine) with a solution of soap and water. Don’t use hot water as this can set the stain permanently. Be sure to blot the stains instead of rubbing them, as rubbing presses the stain deeper into the mattress fibers. 

When tackling others stains, there are plenty of mattress stain removers on the market for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can take the natural route and use a solution of water and vinegar or a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Use a spray bottle to prevent soaking the mattress. For stubborn stains, let the solution sit for about ten minutes. 

To protect your mattress from future stains, invest in a quality mattress protector. 

3. How to Deodorize a Mattress

To get your mattress smelling brand new again, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda across the entire mattress and let it sit for 2 to 24 hours. Vacuum the baking soda using an upholstery attachment. You can repeat this step as needed. 

If you want your bed to smell extra clean, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mattress after you’ve vacuumed up the baking soda. 

Clean a Mattress and Forget About Allergies 

If you or one of your loved ones suffer from dust allergies, mattress cleaning could make a world of difference. With a bit of vacuuming, blotting, and baking soda, you can clean a mattress so that it looks and smells good for years.

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