In the US, there are almost 20 million rental properties. This means that both tenants and visitors alike have a myriad of choices when they need accommodations.

One way to stand out in the crowd of rental properties is to make sure your rental home is spotless for each person. Word will quickly get out that your house is the best to rent!

To make this happen, you need the best rental cleaning possible. So how can you vet the numerous companies to get exceptional cleaning?

Read on to find out the things you should look for!


The longer a cleaning company’s been in business, the better. This shows that they’ve provided excellent services throughout the years and have built up a clientele that trusts their work.

Also, this also ensures they’ve ironed out kinks with logistics, such as scheduling and billing. There’s a smaller chance you’ll get a headache dealing with them.

Certified Cleaners

You’re letting strangers into your rental home, which is your guests’ haven. So you need to have full confidence that the people you’re letting in are trustworthy.

Only use cleaning companies that perform full background checks on their team members. Even better is if they get a certification, such as the Perfect Maintenance Cleaning Certification.

Use of Eco-Friendly Products

Cleaners often use strong chemicals to scrub down rental properties. This can be harmful to people’s health, so it’s better to look for a rental cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products.

This shows that they’re dedicated to not only saving the environment, but also reducing exposure to chemicals in your rental home.

Good Reviews

A cleaning company worth its salt will have plenty of good reviews from prior customers. Not only will you find them displayed on their website, but also on review sites like Google Review and Yelp.

It’s a red flag if a company has swaths of bad reviews, or worse yet, none at all. No reviews can mean the business has only just started out, or they’ve flopped in the past and had to start over with a new company.

Reasonable Prices

Rental cleaning shouldn’t cost a fortune. But on the other hand, they shouldn’t be extremely cheap either, as this can indicate unscrupulous practices.

It’s a good idea to request several quotes for comparison. Reputable companies will never charge for estimates, so cross a cleaner off the list if they try to do so.

Choose the Best Rental Cleaning for Your Needs

Getting the right rental cleaning for your property is crucial. When you have reliable and impeccable service, you won’t have to worry about your lodgers complaining about uncleanliness and adverse health effects.

So keep these tips in mind when you want a clean rental home. You’ll end up with the best cleaning services possible!

For rental cleaning professionals who meet all the above criteria, turn to Orchard Cleaning Services. Request a free quote from us now!