Around 54% of people who travel prefer vacation rentals over hotels.

Many people prefer vacation rentals for the extra space and privacy, while others prefer them for their luxurious accommodations.

If you own vacation rentals, you might want to find ways to transform your property into the best vacation rental possible. With the best one, you’ll likely keep it occupied more often, resulting in making more money.

One of the best ways to transform your property into the best rental is by hiring professional cleaning services. When you hire the right cleaning services, you’ll have the best vacation rental ever. 

Here are some vital things to know about how this can help you and your properties. 

The Best Vacation Rentals Offer Clean Accommodations

As a vacation rental owner, you should note what guests want to find with the properties they rent. You can learn a lot about this by reading reviews from vacation rental companies. 

When customers stay in a vacation rental, they’ll write reviews about what they thought. One key thing they’ll write about is cleanliness.

If a person stays in a dirty rental, they will let you know in their reviews. They’ll write about the dirty things they found, which might discourage others from booking units there. 

Knowing this information is crucial as a rental property owner. If you know that guests want immaculate rentals, then you know that you should focus on providing extra-clean rooms.

One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a company to clean your units for you. Professional cleaners offer thorough services, and your guests will appreciate this factor. 

In fact, when guests stay in immaculate rentals, they’re more likely to return to these rentals in the future.

You Need a Fast Turn-Around for Your Units

Hiring us to clean your units provides thorough, in-depth cleanings, but that’s not all. If you want to make more money by renting your units, you’ll need to make sure they’re available right after someone leaves.

As a result, you’ll need a fast turn-around time. When one guest leaves, you’ll need someone in there cleaning it right away so the next guest can move in for the night or weekend. 

When you hire Orchard Clean for vacation rental cleanings, they’ll get in quickly and provide a perfectly clean unit as quickly as possible. 

You’ll need a professional cleaning company to use for each rental cleaning to speed up the process. They’ll need to know when your guests check out and when the next guest arrives. 

If you can speed up this process, you’ll be able to rent the units more frequently, resulting in higher profits for your business. 

A Cleaning Company Provides the Supplies and Equipment

One of the perks of hiring a professional cleaning company is they provide all the supplies and equipment for cleaning. 

If you decide to clean the units yourself, you’ll have to bring your mop, bucket, vacuum, cleaning supplies, and anything else you need to clean the rooms. Bringing all this stuff each time is a lot of work.

You can eliminate all this work and save time by hiring it out. 

Once you hire a company, you can tell them when to be there to clean the rooms. They’ll show up on time and with everything they need. 

You won’t have to invest in cleaning equipment, and you’ll save a lot of money on cleaning supplies. Plus, they’ll clean everything in the best ways possible, leaving the units as clean as possible. 

They’ll Clean Everything

One of the best reasons to hire this out is to achieve immaculate units. When you offer clean units, your guests will notice, and they’ll love it. They’ll feel safe there and have fewer challenges or concerns while traveling.

A professional cleaning company knows how to clean. They won’t just spot clean the rooms. Instead, they’ll deep clean everything. 

In fact, professional cleaners know the best cleaning tips around. 

They’ll clean the floors, plumbing fixtures, and furniture. They’ll also clean the appliances, cabinets, and patios. When they finish the job, you’ll have ideal rental units for anyone traveling on vacation. 

They Handle Laundry Duties

When you offer vacation rentals, you’ll have laundry needs. After all, you’ll have to take the dirty towels and provide clean ones. You’ll also have to remove all the bedding and replace it with clean bedding.

Therefore, you’ll need someone to handle the laundry for you. Fortunately, professional cleaning companies also provide this service. They’ll remove all the dirty linens and replace them with clean linens.

You Can Earn More Money From Your Rentals

Transforming your vacation rentals into the best ones possible requires professional cleaning services. It also requires proper maintenance and repairs. 

While it costs money to invest in your properties, you should realize that you’ll make more money by investing in them. How is this possible? 

You make more money when you keep the units occupied. If you offer clean and well-maintained units, people will want to rent them. 

If you increase your turn-around time, you’ll be able to rent them more frequently, too. 

Additionally, offering clean units is a great way to boost positive reviews from your guests. When you boost positive reviews, you might discover that more people take interest in your properties. 

As you begin looking for ways to transform your rentals, you might want to start by hiring us to clean your units for you. This step is a great move that can transform any vacation rentals into the best ones. 

Choose Us for Your Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Offering immaculate units is one of the best ways to have the best vacation rentals. If you don’t have the means or time to do this, you can hire it out.

If you own vacation rentals in the Traverse City, MI, area, contact us at Orchard Cleaning Services. We offer services for vacation rentals and other types of businesses, and we’d love to give you a quote for services.