Revenue for the vacation rentals industry is expected to reach almost 13.3 billion dollars in the United States this year. With more people working remotely and taking vacations in different locales, it’s a popular way to experience a new destination. 

However, that means that you have a lot of competition when it comes to managing rental properties. People are looking for a top-tier experience, and they are willing to pay for it.

That’s why we’ve assembled a guide of 7 tips for managing rental properties. Let’s get started!

1. Invest in Property Managers 

One of the best parts of owning rental properties is that your physical presence isn’t required to generate income. However, someone needs to be responsible for the property. 

That’s where property managers come in. Often, their job involves the following tasks:

  • Ensuring the property is clean 
  • Making sure things run smoothly for guests 
  • Handling emergencies, malfunctions, and other situations 

If you live far away from your rental property, this is a great way to reduce stress and ensure a fantastic guest experience. Depending on your choices, you can also engage a property management company. 

Typically, they will handle the following:

  • Booking a cleaning service to come in after each guest 
  • Handle bookings 
  • Manage inquiries
  • Collect payment 
  • Deal with purchases, taxes, and fees 
  • Renew vacation rental insurance 

Consider how comprehensive you need your rental property management services to be, and adjust accordingly.

2. Hire A Cleaning Team 

When it comes to vacation rentals, walking into a dirty home is any guest’s worst nightmare. It’s stressful, unhygienic, and a waste of their time and money. In fact, a dirty home is one of the fastest routes to an enraged review that could drive away all future visitors. 

That’s why a detailed cleaning after each guest leaves is crucial. But you may not have the time, skillset, resources, or physical proximity to accomplish this task. 

That’s why hiring the pros is so important. With a tailored approach to cleaning a house with precision, they can help ensure guest satisfaction for you. 

3. Invest In A Home Security System 

How do you plan on keeping your rental property safe? Whether guests are always there or whether it’s sometimes empty, you need to invest in your property.

That’s where security comes in. Start by installing basic safety protocols that will help you supervise the property. 

Consider alarms, motion light detectors, security cameras, and surveillance systems. Of course, make sure that you won’t be intruding on a guest’s privacy with any of these measures. 

This will help you collect evidence in the event of an incident. This can help police identify perpetrators. In some cases, the existence of these security systems will deter potential invaders or thieves. 

4. Home Automation Works 

When it comes to rental property management, technology is your friend. Apps, software, and hardware can all help you keep a pulse on the finger of your guests’ status. 

Start by saving yourself some money. Tools like app-controlled thermostats, digital locks, leak detectors, and security cameras can offer peace of mind and an extra sense of safety for guests. 

It also helps you control the property remotely. That way, you never have to worry about guests locking doors or turning off the lights. You can also install smart lights, place timers on appliances, and so forth. 

You can also invest in tools that ensure guests stick to the original agreement. There are apps available that will send alerts to your phone if guests are being too loud. Often, property managers leverage these apps to see if guests are throwing a party or violating noise ordinances in the city.

5. Implement Strong Communication 

If you’ve been interested in vacation rentals property management for any length of time, then you know that some guests simply can’t be pleased. But clear communication goes a long way toward smoothing conflict and eliminating misunderstandings. 

Start by sending clear emails before, during, and after guests arrive. Sometimes, you can automate these communications, so you don’t have to write them scratch every single time.

Remember to provide information about emergency contacts, passcodes, and local delivery services. You can also provide information about local attractions in your area.

6. Update Information 

People make most of their vacation decisions through online research. Managing rental properties is no different. 

To avoid frustration or confusion, make sure that you update relevant information constantly. This starts with your address, phone number, and social media handles. 

You should also update your welcome information, website text, and listing information. This will help prevent costly miscommunications. 

You should also clearly communicate any expectations you have regarding COVID tests, vaccinations, and so forth. That way, people can decide whether they are able to come based on their status.

7. Speed Is Your Friend 

Managing rental properties is something of a cutthroat industry these days. It takes a lot of effort to market to guests, especially when the whole world is available to them through the Internet. 

Part of successful vacation rentals property management is taking steps to set yourself apart. The goal is to help guests decide why they should select your services over someone else’s. 

Start by embracing quick communication. If a guest reaches out to you about a rental property, answer them promptly! This will ensure they don’t get bored or frustrated and start seeking out someone else. 

Then, respond quickly in the case of a question or an emergency. The goal is to provide a top-notch experience that makes everyone happy.

Managing Rental Properties

When it comes to managing rental properties, prioritize quality. Often, this is one of the main things that will set you apart from competitors. 

Guests are looking for a convenient, beautiful, clean place to stay. That’s why we offer top-notch cleaning services that help put your mind at ease.

If you’re looking for professional, skilled cleaning assistance for your vacation rental properties, we can help. Contact us today!